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Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2

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Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2

Unlock the world of reading and writing with the Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2! Designed for young learners in their first year of literacy exploration, this engaging write-in book builds upon the skills introduced in Pupil Book 1. Covering Alternatives, Handwriting, Tricky Words, and Words and Sentences, it equips children with vital language tools. The book features step-by-step lesson plans and a fresh design for easy navigation, making it an indispensable resource for parents nurturing their child’s reading and writing journey.

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  • Continuation of literacy journey from Pupil Book 1
  • Designed for young children in their first year of learning to read and write
  • Four main topics covered: Alternatives, Handwriting, Tricky Words, and Words and Sentences
  • Explores alternative vowel spellings and introduces capital letters and the alphabet
  • Extensive focus on mastering tricky words
  • Guided writing activities to encourage creative expression
  • Step-by-step lesson plans included
  • Comprehensive support provided through the Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book
  • Refreshed version with an updated cover and page designs
  • Enhanced navigation using color-coding and organized contents
  • Seamless alignment with content in The Phonics Handbook
  • Ensures consistency and coherence in teaching methods
  • Empowers parents to guide their children’s literacy journey effectively

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